Lenny Kravitz – California aka Venice Beach


Here is a ‘lil ditty by Lenny Kravitz that features some local skate rat kids in it. The lyrics are typical Lenny duseys which never surpass Pee-Chee scribbles in depth

Venice Beach and P.O.P.
Station 26 was free
Jeff Ho and Horizons west
Dogtown Skates they were the best
Hang Ten, O.P. were the brands
Don’t forget the two-tone Vans

but video director Philip Andleman did a fine job with the execution of this video and showed some of our hood while he was at it.


  1. Damn the only thing this video is missing is a shot of Arnold eating an avocado while milking a cow with the Hollywood sign in the background. Oh and a web link to the California visitors center. Keep up the mediocre sell-out rock and roll Lenny. Mazel Tov!