Summer is here!


What a weekend! Summer must be here! Traffic is back, the parking lots are full, pedestrians crowd the bike path … and people from all over Los Angeles come to admire what some of us around here take for granted: Venice Beach.

While the traffic may be a pain, it never ceases to amaze me that I live in a place that people come from all over the world to see. Our little community is a destination point on a global scale, and we can walk to it. I have heard that more people visit Venice in a given year than Disneyland. Pretty neat.

Here is a little slide show of pictures I took during our bike ride today. If you would like to see the same thing with larger pictures, click here!



  1. You know summer is here when it takes 15 min. to get to Lincoln from the beach. But every year I feel proud to call Venice home. It’s a little eden in L.A.

    Great pictures!

  2. Venice Beach Drum Circle

    Red Alert! The police are trying to shut down Venice Beach. They are always shutting down the drum circle now by 8:30 pm even on a Saturday night. Venice Beach used to be a 24/7 party but now it’s owned by the imperialistic party.

    Are we a free people who can’t stay up past our bedtime anymore without the gustapo wanting to know why? Did they treat the generation before us this way?

    No more loitering means no more public sidewalk. If we can’t loiter or be out at night then how can we keep an eye on the government or meet other people? I don’t go to church or bars besides bars are next to be outlawed.

    Since when can they close the beach? The beach has always been free to the public 24/7 even to camp on. Venice Beach was created by Abbot Kinney as a 24/7 carnival. The Neal Bros. Tom, Dick, and Harry helped and every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows THE BEACH DON’T CLOSE!

    Where are the Jazz Bands? The Majic people are gone. Now all we have are a few youngsters rolling around on the ground dancing. Yes, they are fun to watch but where are the Bohemians? Don’t they make up the beach?

    Who let people move in who can call the police and say turn off the party? We did through following corrupt laws. We need to wake up from the illusion of our separateness before it’s too late.

    If people don’t like the noise then they need to move. I’m sure there is a lonely stretch of beach they can go and sleep.

    Why is there a new Air Traffic Control tower just past Muscle Beach? When is the landing strip coming? Why are there so many helicopters suddenly flying all over Venice Beach all the time? Just wondering…

    Take back Venice Beach. Come to the Drum Circle Sat, May 31, 2008 and make your final stand. It’s now or never. Can you say Martial Law? NO MORE WAR? DON’T BRING GUNS BRING WEED.

    If anyone asks you why you smoke say this, “For recreation, same reason I drink! What other reason is there?”

    Cars and corrupt gov are the problems not alchohol. Outlaw cars! Boycott work, I need you! Nancy for President!