Things look different around here …


Keri and I have been bouncing around ideas about a new look for Yo! Venice! for as long as we care to remember. Text sessions regarding the design of this site usually look something like this:

Cabo Cantina Venice Beach California

<bret >yo!
<keri >oh, hai!
<bret >wrd up, yo!
<keri >peep the link i sent you, yo!
<bret >wrd, looks like work, yo.
<keri >what are u doin yo?
<bret >margs sound good yo
<keri > wgat gyh? ¡ i can haz margarita!!??
<bret >yo.
<keri >ok, i ride over there now, yo!
<bret >see ya in 5, yo.

Anyway, we finally got to work and got a new look around here. We will be tweaking it in the weeks to come and there are many posts in the queue.


And NO, we don’t actually message like that, yo! … but it was fun typing like that!



  1. Nice update, guys. The site looks much more active this way and I really think you will grow because of it.

    (the only thing missing is an obvious contact link ; )

  2. you know a re-design is a success when you can’t quite recall what it looked like before.
    nice job, drunkards.