Yo, there are a lot of Cops in Venice!


Yo! Venice! You do not want to drink even one ounce of alcohol and drive in Venice. Period! Not a single drink! Why, you ask? The police are in crack down mode. Every night we watch people get DUI’s coming to and leaving the area of Washington near the Venice Pier. We don’t support drinking and driving at all, so don’t come down on us for this post. The truth of the matter is is that cops are pulling people over for questionable reasons at best in regard to “why” they are stopping people. Odds are anyone driving to and from the area around the pier past 10 pm has had something to drink, and the cops know this. Why else would there be four or five cop cars hovering around the pier? They are lying in wait! If you need to have a drink, drink and cab! Drink and walk! Drink and stay at home! Or don’t drink at all!

We blogged this as tonight we saw a guy get a DUI. We saw the whole thing transpire from cop driving east and guy driving west. The cop threw a U, lit up his lights and put him through the tests in front of us. Why the kid got pulled over is anyones guess. The kid did nothing at all .. no lane change .. no anything … just driving at night in Venice toward a whole bunch of bars.

Don’t drink and drive in Venice, Yo! Venice is one big DUI checkpoint!

Police, Venice Beach California

DUI Arrest, Venice Beach California



  1. With all the neighborhood bars and restaurants cops are out there helping the state balance it’s budget with those money making DUI’s. If someone is weaving or driving erratically, then ok. But I was pulled over for having a “burnt out tail light”. It was the one flush with the back windshield. It was then I was asked if I had anything to drink…they are digging people. The Santa Monica Daily Press usually has a heads up when the SMPD is going to do a “$obriety checkpoint”.