Tsunami Preparedness, yo!


At the end of July, the city sent out tsunami awareness and preparedness brochures to residents. Mine has been sitting in a drawer until today when it got thrown out. There is also a large map of this at the Red Cross in Santa Monica (or at least there was when I was there taking volunteer training after Katrina).

My plan would be head past Lincon, as advised. (AWOAK unless there is a tsunami!) If things come at us from downtown my plan is to go hotwire a big fast boat and head to sea … but that plan is half baked at best and involves some breaking and entering and grand theft, so I ought not to talk about it here!

Tsunami Brochure - (RED Santa Monica - Venice)

Tsunami Brochure - (RED Santa Monica - Venice)

Or just grab a board and get busy … watch the houses when you hit land!