Pier Pointe Living in Venice Beach California


Lennar Family of Builders, who have a whole legal section to their website that makes me not want to even risk showing a few of their pictures here on the blog, is building on Washington.

(I don’t mess with developers and their legal goons that will probably enforce their website threat of “You are advised that the Lennar Family of Builders actively and aggressively enforces its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law.”)

Check their site here!

So anyway … having a mysterious builder cover my home and cars with dust for months, I was actually excited to find out what was shaking down the street when they finally threw their name up on the side of their project. 122 “homes” are coming to our ‘hood! Yea! Oh yeah, NOT!

What is really happening from the looks of their site is a bunch of cheesy condos are being built that the Lennar Family of Builders are trying to market as some bullshit blah-blah-blah. Check their site out, yo! Did anyone from their company even bother visiting Venice before they posted that stock photo crap up? It looks like Lennar Family of Builders appeals to the kind of buyer that is buying a lifestyle sight unseen.

The reality of “Pier Pointe Life” is that it sits accross the street from Baja Cantina. I imagine a lot of people that move into “Pier Pointe” will hear a universal “ewwwww” from vocals when they say they live there. Such is life, and welcome to the neighborhood … kinda … sorta … NOT.




  1. Yeah you’re right, Joe. Bret will get a group together to form a human wall if necessary. (which will surely get tagged in 5 minutes.)

    I have a friend who lives on Washington, Venice side. She tells people she lives “Marina Del Rey Adjacent.” What’s that about?! You live in Venice, yo! Be proud!