Black Kat Motorwerks


Sitting right in our back yard is one of the greatest vintage BMW motorcycle shops in the USA, Black Kat Motorwerks. Rick Monahan, the proprietor and all around nice guy, really loves these vintage BMW’s and is an encyclopedic reference for all a vintage bike owner’s needs. Los Angeles is lucky he is here! Need a float for your old Bing carburetor? Rick will have it! Wedge for your handlebars? Rick will have it! Frame up historic bike restoration? No problem! Rick has helped me with my R60 many times, and I’ll continue to bug him for more help in the future!

Black Kat Motorwwerks, Venice California

Black Kat Motorwwerks, Venice California

Black Kat Motorwwerks
10-6 Daily
[email protected]
514 Victoria Ave
Venice, CA
(310) 302-0024