The Jaya Mural


The Jaya Mural by Emily Winter at Dell and Venice has been restored and is now looking as vibrant as it did when originally painted in 1979! Going on thirty years later, The Jaya Mural, also known as “The People of Venice vs. The Developers”, is still pertinent as a comment on what Venice is vs. what Venice may become if development is not kept in check. Go check it out, yo!

Click here for an interesting and useful page that has been put up about many of the murals that are in Venice.

The Jaya mural:

JAYA Mural Venice Beach by Emily Winters

JAYA Mural Venice Beach by Emily Winters

And here is a documentary Suzanne Thompson did about restoring the mural:

316 South Venice Blvd. (at Dell Ave.)
15′ x 25′
Designed by Emily Winters, assisted by Judith Foster. Painted by JAYA, a Women Artists Collective.
Sponsor: Citywide Mural Project



  1. yes ….. what a project… i remember…i especialy remember when the pigs and the bulldozer came-in to put this little old lady out … like a piece of an old rag… and to of course build one of those on coming projects candos… special BCBG ….wich the venice canals have now inheritad…these bunch of stupid BOBO’s as we call them’ here in europ … FUCKING BOUGOIS DE MERDE! get out.. with you funking million dollars … and stickem’ up our smelly secretion hole !
    anyway… they have definitly bought out the venice canals… maube we should have been better and more organised…hummmmm
    i send my love to maryjane ,judith ,and all of you jaya clan… bob wells .. rick sinantra .. where ever you are … we could have META-phased-them’
    too late … now venice has other problem’s… gang’s crack.etc…peace.