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Why California Has an Active Culture

California is a state with a landscape and culture all its own. Between the entertainment industry, the natural surroundings, and the near-perfect weather, it is no surprise that the state lends itself to working out and outdoor activity. Whether you are trying to get healthier or want to get outside more frequently, California is the place to do it. If you live in California or are interested in moving to this dynamic state, below are a few reasons why California has such an active culture.

The Weather is Incredible

One of the biggest reasons that California has an active culture is because the weather is incredible. You can workout amongst nature at just about any time of the year. Most days are sunny. When you can’t seem to motivate yourself to exercise at home, going on a hike, a run, practicing yoga, or a swim will help you stay active without distractions. Whether you are trying to lose weight or love to exercise and prefer to do it outside, you should be able to find the right context for working out when the weather is great. For people who like to exercise with the sun on their back and the wind in their hair, California provides the weather to do it just about every day.

It Has Varied Landscapes

California has more landscapes than most states in the United States. Between the coast, the mountains, the desert, the woods, and the cities, California has a landscape for everyone. Whether you are looking to ski, hike, mountain bike, or climb, there is a landscape where you can find your spot to do the sport that you are into. In Southern California, you are a relatively short drive from the beach, the mountains, the desert, and many different parks. It’s easy to stay active when you have the landscape that lends itself to what you want to do. You name it, California has it.

The Entertainment Industry is Here

A huge aspect of California’s culture is the entertainment industry. Hollywood is a huge part of the state’s economy and culture. Of course, when it comes to the film, music, and fashion industries, looks are currency. Appearance matters. This leads to vanity, but it also leads to health. There is pressure to work out and look good in these industries, but that pressure transfers over to other people because they are surrounded by it. When you are looking at beautiful people all day, you are more likely to work out. You might feel bad about yourself, but this can be a powerful motivator. If you are surrounded by fit people, you will want to do the same.

The Economy is Large

California has the fifth largest economy in the world. It eclipses every other state by far. You might wonder, what does this have to do with being active? Well, with more money people are able to treat their bodies better. They are able to hire personal trainers, buy gym memberships, take classes, and go on wellness retreats.

Furthermore, with a demand for gyms there are more people who invest into them as a business. There are more gyms in California than just about anywhere. You can find gyms in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and everywhere in between. There is a different facility for just about anyone. Whether you are looking for specific training, classes, weights, or just a place with air conditioning and good amenities, California has a gym for just about every kind of person and whatever they are looking for.

California has a culture that everyone can appreciate. Between the weather, the landscape, the economy and all its industries, there is a specific way of life that is uniquely Californian. When you are thinking about moving to a place that has a more active lifestyle, California is probably your best bet. When you put effort into living a healthy, active life, you should be surrounded by people who motivate you.

California will also be a place where you can be active. You can go outside to work out most days of the year. You can find the perfect outdoor activity for you and your lifestyle. The state lends itself to being active, but you also have to choose to live a healthy life. In California, you can be lazy just like anywhere else.

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