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6 Ways Living in Southern California Can Help You Stay Sober

It’s a well-known fact that where you live and who you surround yourself with affects all aspects of your health – from mental health, physical health, and even your sobriety. The influence of your environment is something that we all understand on an intellectual level, but when trying to overcome addiction, appreciating where you live or even considering a move may become necessary. If you’re lucky enough to live in Venice or anywhere in Southern California, there are several reasons this area is conducive to getting and staying sober. Keep reading for ways that living in SoCal can help you stay sober for life.

Bustling Social Scene 

Southern California is known for many things, not the least of which is its lively social scene. You can spend an entire weekend day at one of the many farmer’s markets like Venice Farmers Market, Mar Vista Market, or Marina Del Ray Farmers Markets, meeting wellness-minded locals and artisans. There’s even a sober bar called The New Bar on Lincoln Boulevard. And, of course, with all the beautiful outdoor areas with curated walkways, bridges, and beaches, you can meet and gather with people outside of the clubs and bars you used to frequent. 

Various Treatment Options 

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, Southern California can meet you right where you’re at with various treatment options. Whether you’re looking for inpatient services, a women only treatment center, or just in-person meetings every week, these resources are all available in abundance in Southern California. While plenty of people try to “go it alone,” anyone who has achieved sobriety and stuck with it successfully will tell you that it takes a village, especially in the beginning, and SoCal has a mighty village here to help you. 

Countless Interests Available 

Whatever you’re already into before or while pursuing sobriety, Southern California can offer it to you in spades to keep your mind occupied on healthier pursuits, from a tremendous art scene and places to visit, like Beyond Baroque, SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center), or even just walking around Venice at the fantastic murals. If theater is more up your alley, The Electric Lodge has an ever-changing schedule of theatrical productions and even workshops you can participate in. And if reading keeps your mind occupied, you can’t beat the beautiful Los Angeles Public Library on Venice Boulevard and Ocean Avenue. 

Victory Inspiring Vistas 

When dealing with addiction or any other mental struggle, it can feel like our whole world is caving in on us, but just stepping outside and taking in the majesty of Southern California can remind you that we are, but grains of sand in this vast universe and no problem is insurmountable. Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, and Crystal Cove State Park, to name a few, are great places to sit and ponder all your reasons why choosing to take your life back is the right decision. Let the waves reassure you as you embark on the beautiful journey of healthier pathways.

It’s a Mindful State 

Did you know that California wants to be the first state to pay people to be sober? There are many things to love about this great state, one of which is its trailblazing policies, and this one is no exception. While the bill hasn’t been passed yet, it’s a reminder that California has its citizen’s health in mind, and that can be an inspiration all its own. 

Wellness Options Abound 

While living a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for anyone’s overall health and well-being, when you’re getting sober, you need all the help you can get, and Southern California makes it easy. From juice bars like The Cold Spot or Fruit Gallery to yoga studios like shefayoga Venice and Modo Yoga LA, these places will welcome you with open arms and help you kickstart your wellness journey. 

You may try and fail at sobriety many times; anyone in recovery will tell you that, in fact, very few nail it the first time around, but staying committed is key, and where you live has a huge impact on your ability to stay on track. Let the above ways that Southern California can help you stay sober be an integral part of your journey. Here’s to you’re health, and you’ve got this.

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