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How to Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly — 6 Tips for a Sustainable Move

Moving can be quite stressful. That’s why people are usually too overwhelmed to think about its environmental impacts. However, moving can cause a lot of damage to the environment. It’s important to look for eco-friendly alternatives and reduce waste while moving. With these 6 tips, you will ensure your move goes smoothly.

1. Only Keep the Things You Use

If you want your move to be eco-friendly, it’s important to pack only the things you actually use. We all have a tendency to hoard unnecessary items from time to time. The mistake many people make when moving is packing everything they own, even the things they never use. In order to avoid that, you have to sort through everything you own before you start the moving process.

However, it’s not enough to simply look through the things you own and get rid of an item or two. Instead, make an inventory of everything you own and use regularly. Of course, you won’t end up bringing only those items to your new home. Still, be ruthless when deciding what you want to keep.

Although getting rid of things you’ve had for years can seem difficult, the move will be much easier and eco-friendly. Additionally, it will give you a chance to have a clean, clutter-free slate once you move into your new home.

2. Throwing Away the Discarded Items Should Be Your Last Option

So, you’ve decluttered and decided on what you want to keep. However, you may be wondering what you should do with the things you’re getting rid of. If you want to remain eco-friendly, simply throwing the items away should be your last option. Instead, try gifting, donating, or selling your things.

Firstly, ask your friends and family if they’re interested in any of the items you’re getting rid of. Once they’ve sorted through and taken what they want, you can sell the remainder online or through a garage sale.

Alternatively, you can donate to a charity shop. They usually accept clothes, decor, and even furniture. However, make sure the things you sell or donate are in good shape. If you have broken or severely damaged items, see if there’s a way to recycle them. Once you’ve gone through these steps, throw away any remaining items.

3. Use Containers You Already Have

Before you buy a bunch of boxes and bins to put your stuff in, take a look at how many containers you own already. Suitcases and gym bags are obvious choices, but you can use nearly anything as storage if you think outside the box. For example, grocery tote bags, plastic bins, and backpacks can be quite useful, as well. 

Additionally, if you know you’ll be moving soon, think twice before you throw away any boxes you already have. You may consider cardboard boxes from large package deliveries too bulky to keep around the house. However, they are quite easy to store and can come in handy during your move. Even shoe boxes can be useful. 

4. Get Used or Reusable Boxes

If you have a lot of smaller things, such as books or decor, you probably won’t be able to pack all of them in the containers you already own. Additionally, some items are too fragile to put in bags or suitcases. For example, if you have indoor plants, the best way to move them safely is to put them in an open bin or box.

However, if you want your move to be eco-friendly, you should avoid buying moving boxes. Instead, opt for reusable moving boxes. Nowadays, many companies offer reusable boxes you can rent for a few days. For example, Bin It delivers plastic bins to your home, waits for you to finish moving, and picks them up once you call them. Many moving companies offer this option, as well.

Alternatively, you can try to find cardboard boxes in nearby corner shops. Ask the owners of local shops whether they have used boxes they don’t need. You’ll likely score a few free boxes that way, as grocery stores usually have a bunch of them lying around.

5. Avoid Buying Bubble Wrap

It’s important to protect fragile items while moving. However, the plastic bubble wrap used for packaging can cause quite a bit of environmental problems. Instead of using plastic wrapping, go with soft fabrics you already own. You can use anything from newspapers to shirts and towels to wrap around fragile items. For example, a great way to protect your mugs and glasses is by putting them in clean socks.

However, if you own extremely breakable items, find an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Many companies offer bubble wrap made from recycled materials. Still, if you invest in a sustainable alternative, make sure to keep the bubble wrap in case you need it for your next move.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to use bubble wrap, you can save some from your package deliveries, as well. It’s much better than buying additional plastic and throwing it away right after you move. Instead, keep the bubble wrap you already have, and it will be useful for many moves to come, instead of ending up in a landfill. 

6. Hire a Moving Company

You may want to avoid hiring a moving company and try to move by yourself. However, unless you can move all of your things in one car ride, moving on your own will cause more damage to the environment. Driving back and forth leads to more driving emissions and a higher environmental footprint.

Instead, choose a moving company that uses large moving trucks. That way, you’ll be able to move in one drive, lessening the environmental impact. According to Los Angeles movers, Oz Moving employees pay attention to how they load their trucks and they do this as efficiently as possible. Only one drive is enough for a successful move.

In Conclusion

Choosing sustainable alternatives while moving is simpler than it may seem. By making a few simple changes, you can ensure your move impacts the environment as little as possible. Hopefully, these tips have helped you plan your next eco-friendly move.

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