Summer 2019 – Story Time!


By Guy Camilleri

Summer is upon us soon (Friday, June 21, 2019) and what better time to relax and drop into reading a book, watching a film, visiting a gallery or museum or listening to and/or discovering new music! All of this can be done for no other reason than the simple fact that there is something about summertime that gives way to feeling more relaxed to kick back and use our senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, vision) to enjoy the very things we love to do.

Or, maybe this will be the summer you consider telling your own story! At RAW acting studio in Venice Beach, CA, we have several projects that are in development that were inspired by real events. 

And, in today’s world, with so much time spent on-line listening to other people tell their own stories, we sometimes forget to turn the focus back around to ourselves. It’s important not to lose sight on your life, the stories within that have shaped and developed who you are today and how one single story may be of service to another person(s) in the world. 

I often talk about the importance of an actor’s POV (point of view) a term used in film making and screenwriting. But in this example, I’m referring to the significance of your point of view about a specific subject and how the world needs to hear your voice. 

It’s quite apparent, but think about it, we are here for a reason, if not, then you and I wouldn’t be here. And as of today, you have various points of view on many a subject… imagine what it might be like if you took a moment and shared a story on whatever platform you choose. And, even considering doing this might even bring up the very question that needs to be asked: Why am I here? And what if any, stories do I have to share? And, will anyone even be interested in listening to them? 

Great questions to ask and scary too… and yet, sometimes it’s essential to tackle the big issues to lead us back to the path we are destined to be on, and or to sharpen our focus along the way.

I believe there is a storyteller in each of us and encourage you to explore what’s been holding you back (if anything) and then to discover what it is you need to share (without apology) and then commit to executing your story. 

Executing a story can be done on various formats: screenplay, play, novel, a poem, painting, drawing, singing, musical instruments, etc. There is no shortage of on-line formats to tell your story, and this summer is the perfect time to bask in and then generate the courage to share something about your life that will resonate with another human being, the very human being that needed to hear your story. 

Guy Camilleri is a Venice-based actor, acting-life coach, and poet. His classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Electric Lodge, in Venice are packed with actors, writers, directors and creative people from all walks of life. 

His private coaching specializes in building undeniable characters for film, television, stage, auditions, self-taped auditions, original material, solo shows, reels and self-expression in any field of interest. To register and/or audit a class or to book a coaching session, visit Follow Guy on Instagram and Facebook.