Common Culture



Cuba Y Venice is a photographic exhibition by William F Royce, exploring the human condition of everyday street life 2,300 miles apart.

“With obvious cultural and political contrasts, these two worlds seen together, offer a glimpse of universal day-to-day struggles & aspirations,” says Royce’s son Matthew. A Venice local, Matthew curated the show.

Many left the exhibit keen to visit Cuba before tourism takes over.

“An exhibit like this helps us focus on the fact that elections are so important because Congress and the President impact the whole world, especially in places like Cuba which feels disconnected from the globalized society we live in.  These photos were taken in 2014 just before the diplomatic breakthrough negotiated by President Obama,” says Matthew.

On opening night the exhibit had people keen to visit Cuba. “Most people said they now want to visit the Cuba they saw in the photos. Before it gets overrun by tourists. The opening up of the country may bring more economic activity, but at what cost to their culture?,” says Matthew.

“Cuba Y Venice” on now at 800 Main Street. Viewing by appointment.

While Cuba and Venice are worlds apart, Matthew says the exhibit highlights the similarities between the two communities.

“I think it was enlightening to an audience here in Venice where there is a huge disparity between immense wealth and homelessness to compare our current situation with that of a country that will have to grapple with increasing tourist money and the impacts that will bring.”

“Cuba Y Venice” is on now at 800 Main Street, Venice. Viewing is by appointment only. Contact Matthew Royce via email at [email protected]