Flower Bombing in Venice Beach #FlowersOverGuns

Nisa, Harper, and Izzy rallied the troops to flower-bomb Jason Bourne Movie posters in Venice

By Melanie Camp

5. #FlowersOverGuns
Nisa says sends a negative message to kids

Members of a Venice family say they don’t want to be the target in a marketing campaign for Matt Damon’s latest movie. Making a stand at the corner of Venice and Lincoln boulevards, Nisa, her two children Izzy and Harper, along with a group of neighbors use flowers to block an image Nisa says sends a negative message to her kids.

Jason Bourne movie posters line up one after the other. Damon stares out towards the passing stream of cars, focused on a target, gun drawn. “I drive on Venice everyday,” says Nisa. At first she said she thought nothing of the ad, “and then I looked in the backseat and I saw my kids staring at it and the look on their face was sad. I thought, ‘you know what? I need to interrupt this image.’”

6 year old Harper doesn’t want to be a target of the marketing campaign for Matt Damon’s latest movie
6 year old Harper doesn’t want to be a target of the marketing campaign for Matt Damon’s latest movie

So began the Venice based #FlowersOverGuns movement. Nisa and the gang covering up each gun Damon is holding with a big paper flower. “I don’t think it’s OK to have guns on billboards, 15 of them…” says 6 year old Harper. She leads the way, a bunch of faux flowers in hand, towards a black space between Damon’s face and a now, flower-covered gun.

“Guns can hurt people…It’s really stupid because they know little kids will drive past and look at them and look at the guns,” says 8 year old Izzy,“…it’s like pointing at  everybody and I don’t like that…” says Harper as she throws petals in the air, chanting, “flowers over guns!”

2. #FlowersOverGuns
Nisa says she wants to make something ugly, beautiful

Nisa says she hopes the flowers bring a bit of happiness to those that see them, “our world is getting a little ugly and everyone I think is a little stressed out.” Soon the wall is covered, paper petals speckle the sidewalk. “It looks so much nicer,”  a person calls from their car as they drive past. Nisa smiles and waves. “I wanted to make something beautiful on top of something ugly,” she says. Mission accomplished.



  1. […] Violence, and especially, gun violence, obviously sells tickets, or so media companies like Warner Bros. and Universal apparently believe. However, not everyone in the entertainment business agrees that such ad campaigns are appropriate. Lena Dunham, creator and star of the popular HBO series, “Girls”, recently objected to ads for the movie, “Jason Bourne,” calling on people to alter the ads in New York City subways.  And closer to home, Venice neighbors and their children recently altered a construction fence plastered with “Jason Bourne” ads by covering the gun images with flowers. […]

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