City-hood for Venice?



The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) voted in favor of forming a committee to review the possibility of city-hood for Venice. Voting 15-2-2, the decision opens up exploration into the idea of Venice detaching from the City of Los Angeles.

“This is an historic moment in Venice’s history and future,” says Venice local Nick Antonicello, who VNC President Ira Koslow appointed as chairperson of the new committee.

“Everywhere I go here in Venice there is a sense this neighborhood and community has been forgotten or ignored. That Venice does not receive the level of services and attention this destination resort and urban beach enclave needs and demands. The challenges of homelessness, gentrification and public safety to say nothing of other quality-of-life issues like street paving, tree trimming and parking might be better served by a smaller, grass roots unit of government that could be far more effective and accountable,” says Antonicello.

The plan is to have the new committee together by September. Members will meet on a bi-weekly basis after that. People with a background in the law, government, and public policy are urged to volunteer.

“The goal of this committee will be to consider all options of cityhood and how Venice can stand alone as an independent municipality while weighing all factors such as essential services and cost. I intend to reach out to our elected officials in the legislature as well as county government to gather as much data and evidence as possible to offer all Venetians an objective, sober and reasonable analysis,” says Antonicello.

Anyone interested in joining the committee can contact Antonicello at [email protected]