Art Supports Foster Youth at Electric Lodge



Celia Center Arts FestivalToday at Venice’s Electric Lodge,1416 Electric Avenue, the Celia Center will hold it’s inaugural Celia Center Arts Festival, showcasing artwork and workshops created by foster youth alum and adoptees about their lives and experiences. The Festival starts at 11am and is a day-long extravaganza shedding light on voices that are not often heard from adoptees and foster youth.

There will be a number of activities including healing workshops that focus on the theme of foster and adoption, musical and theatrical performances, and a visual art exhibition. As a locally organized fundraising event, all proceeds benefit Celia Center, a non-profit devoted the critical needs of the foster care and adoption community, supporting safe and healthy families.

This year’s inaugural Celia Center Arts Festival features the works of artists who use their creativity to express their experiences as individuals who were adopted, in foster care, or both, across many mediums.

The Festival, ‘Adopting Resilience, Fostering the Spirit of Creativity: The Voices of the Fostered and Adopted,’ will feature stories and backgrounds of many, and seeks to bring together the voices that are often left out of the conversation on foster care and adoption. The Festival gives the Foster Care and Adopted a spotlight with the hopes of deepening the foster care and adoption conversation in Los Angeles and worldwide.

Starting at 11am and running until the last performance at 8pm, the Celia Center Arts Festival will have activities for all ages, including an artists’ panel, children’s activities, healing workshops (you must sign up ahead of time), a book giveaway, and a celebrity book reading at 12noon with actress and former foster youth adoptee, Cassidy Mack.

For more information about Celia Center Arts Festival 2016 visit the festival site All proceeds benefit Celia Center, a non-profit addressing the critical needs of the Foster Care/Adoption community.

Celia Center addresses the critical needs of the foster care and adoption community by providing affordable mental health, education, and support services to all members of the bio-foster-adoption constellation, including professional social workers, nurses, case managers, and therapists. We utilize our innovative programs, unique therapeutic interventions and national network of allies to create a safe and supportive environment to nurture and preserve strong, healthy families in any orientation or socio-economic status.



Electric Lodge Cultural Arts Center

1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

Free Parking lot and street parking is available.

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