Online Venice Innovation Game Invites Ideas: Win $50,000 In prizes


Venice Beach Young Professionals (VBYP),  has  launched the Venice Innovation Game through an online platform called Northern Rift, which will allow individuals to share ideas with peers though a “pitching” process.

VBYP,  a project of the Venice Chamber of Commerce, will be looking to the community for ideas to address issues and challenges we face in Venice.

Ideas will be published for other participants to comment on, contribute improvements to, and vote for the ideas they like best.

By offering a forum for fresh, provocative and creative thought, the game aims to engage and stimulate our diverse and innovative community to offer solutions to Venice’s challenges.

“Every great idea starts as a hunch,” says Venice Innovation Game creator Robert DePinto.  “We all have these hunches, yet very few are shared – so we lose creativity and great ideas disappear.”

The Venice Innovation Game represents a new way for VBYP and the Venice Chamber of Commerce to address community needs by tapping into an unending resource – the creative and innovative spirit of Angelenos living in Venice.

“We’re excited to see the ideas that develop through the Venice Innovation Game,” says VBYP’s President, Aileen Martinez.  “It’s intended to not only recognize local innovators, the winning ideas will become impact projects spearheaded by VBYP.  Young, vibrant entrepreneurs and professionals want an opportunity to do things for a good cause.  With a truly innovative partner like Northern Rift, the ideation of creative ideas and solutions is an important piece in advancing the culture of social good in Venice.”

The Venice Innovation Game opens for ideas on January 23 and the submissions deadline is February 3, 2015.

The challenge is open to anyone with an idea.  Prizes totaling over $50,000 be distributed to the winners with the top 5 ideas and top 5 collaborators.

Prizes include a variety of business workshops and tools that are suitable for start-ups and multinationals alike, as well as premier networking and VIP experiences.

Venice Innovation Game prize sponsors include Founder and Chairman of FIXT, Jimmy O’Mahony, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of We See Dragons, Brendon Cassidy, NextSpace @ Amplify, LMU Athletics, Founder/CEO of CRD, Max Carey Jr., CEO/Founder of BuzzEON, Jason Sullivan, and the Sierra Club Los Angeles Chapter.

More about the Venice Innovation Game and prize sponsors can be found online at