Dogtown Realty premier development opportunity in Venice


Venice veteran real estate agents Assaf Raz and Jeff F. Konecke are representing the sale of eight lots on the 300 block of Rose Avenue in Venice.

Three are contiguous lots, with a gap of two lots that are not owned by the seller, and then five additional contiguous lots.

Raz and Konecke said they have shared a vision for many years to bring unique investment and ownership opportunities to people passionate about the Venice area.

In January 2014 they launched their independent brokerage, Dogtown Realty, Inc., in the old Zephyr building on Main Street, Santa Monica, where the Dogtown surf and skate history began.

Raz had secured the Dogtown Realty name back in 2001 after seeing the Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary, which influenced him greatly, particularly the strong commitment to local community.

“This move was the first step toward taking our vision and philosophy of ‘localism’ and making it into the standard culture of the company, while providing a new way for our clients to interact and achieve their real estate goals,”  Raz said.

The Venice block of properties is anchored in the vibrant retail district of Rose Avenue, which spans 0.7 miles from Main Street to Lincoln Boulevard. Seven of the properties are currently duplexes, and one is being used as a commercial office.

The seven duplexes were built in 1953, and each sits on approximately 3,028 square foot lots with approximately 7,364 square feet of properties.

The corner property, 371 Rose was built in 2008 and it sits on a double lot (6,057sf). It is used for a commercial tenant and estimated at 4,000 sf. Rose retail district is a much sought-after mixed-use block of residential, office, retail and restaurants, only two blocks from Main Street and three blocks to Ocean Front Walk.

“This development really offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest, live and grow in the heart of the exciting and thriving Venice beach community,”  Konecke said.

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