LAPD Pacific Division warns of increase in burglaries during summer


The Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division has issued a number of Summertime Burglary Prevention Tips, saying “burglars don’t stop working when it gets hot outside.”

The Division says the opposite is actually true – burglars normally increase their activities during warm weather due to there being more opportunities.

“Many of our homes do not have air conditioning and rely on the coastal breeze to cool them down, because of this many of us leave our windows and doors open and unlocked,” the Division says. “The bad guys notice this too, and see an easy and quick entrance into your home. They can quickly enter your open window, steal what is laying around, and get out in less than just a couple of minutes.:

How can you prevent from becoming the next victim of a burglary? Follow these tips:

1. Close/lock windows and doors whenever possible. If leaving your home always close and lock all your doors and windows, including the small bathroom window you thought bad guys couldn’t squeeze through. They can.

2. Avoid, displaying your valuables through open windows for everyone to see. If you are going to use your brand new laptop near your open window try closing the blinds. Or use a room in the house which isn’t easily viewed from the outside. Don’t leave your iPhone or car keys on a table easily seen from the outside of your home.

3. Get an alarm system and use it. Many alarms can be set by zones, so you can set one zone of the house you are not using while the zone you are in is turned off. Alarm companies that install and monitor your alarm are great, but there are less expensive options too. Wireless alarms can be purchased on the internet, do not require permanent wiring, and can be monitored from your cell phone. An even less expensive option can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Personal alarms designed for your home usually cost less than $20 and can be stuck on windows or doors and emit an audible alarm when they are tripped.

4. Keep bicycles out of public view and lock them. Even if you just got back from the beach you should take the time to put your bike in the garage or another secured storage location. Locking it will also make it more difficult to steal.

5. Lock your gate and secure your yard. Many burglars like to enter from the side or rear where it is more difficult for them to be seen. Don’t give them easy access.

The Pacific Division says during interviews, burglars have told them  they target homes that look like the owners are not around.

“Many of them do not carry tools because they know there is a high likelihood that there is an open/unlocked window or door,” the Division says. “They stated that an unlocked gate is a sure sign of a homeowner who is lackadaisical about security and probably also has left open a window or door.