Heal the Bay Beach Report Card 2014 | Venice Makes Honor Roll


Skimming along, I ran into the headline “Seven of 10 of California’s Most Polluted Beaches Are in Northern California“. Hah take that NorCal. Then I actually READ the article. Heal the Bay released it’s annual report card for California beaches, and here are their “Beach Bummers“:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.29.16 AM

The report doesn’t look too bad though:

California’s overall water quality during the summer dry time period this past year was excellent with 95%
A or B grades, slightly above the five-year average (Figure 1-1). There were 23 monitoring locations that
received fair to poor water quality marks (C-F grades) for the same time period.
During winter dry weather, most California beaches still had very good water quality with 294 of 319 (92%)
locations monitored through the winter receiving A or B grades. Lower grades during the same time period
include: 11 C grades (3%), 4 D grades (1%) and 10 F grades (3%).

And this should come as a proud moment for Venetians:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.34.35 AM

California Honor Roll Beaches
A select few (33) monitoring locations in California exhibited excellent water quality (A+ grades) during all
three time periods in this report and have been appointed to Heal the Bay’s Honor Roll this year. A list of
Honor Roll recipients can be found in Appendix B.