Missing Person Sean Sidi: Possibly in Venice


Lynn Ching, mother of brain-injured missing person Sean Sidi, writes to tell us that two separate K9 teams have appeared to pick up his scent at a small blue dumpster at Pacific Ave & Venice Way. (ED: There appear to be a couple of typos in the location, we are assuming it’s Venice & Pacific near Windward. Awaiting confirmation UPDATE: confirmed with Wendy from the K9 team).

More about Sean Sidi

Sean, age 19, vanished from San Francisco without a trace on May 21, 2013. Sean is considered “high risk” due to a severe traumatic brain injury he sustained several months earlier. Dr. Manley, Chief of Neurosurgery has indicated that Sean is at significant risk of death if he is not located soon. Despite several searches by hundreds of people, and the distribution of over 30,000 missing person fliers, Sean has still not been located. See www.facebook.com/findseansidi and www.seansidi.com.