Guy Webster Shows Motorcycle Collection for Charity


Venetian Guy Webster opened up his Ojai studio yesterday to show off his impeccable motorcycle collection for charity. Webster, a long time Venice resident, is best known in the art world for his rock and roll and celebrity photography, which includes images of Bob Dylan, Ray Bradbury, Ansel Adams, Jack Nicholson and The Rolling Stones. If you are looking for some cool art for your home or office, check out Guy’s website and get a print!

The Doors by Guy Webster
The Doors, by Guy Webster

In the collectable motorcycle world, Guy is known as a prolific collector of fine Italian Motorcycles (who is moving into early Honda race bikes). Like any concourse meetup (think Pebble Beach), a collection like Guy’s is hard to absorb all at once. Each vehicle deserves an hour or more of appreciation, yet there are so many you must move on to see all of the bikes by “closing time”.

Click here to see the slideshow “real size” Sorry they are just iPhone pictures!

The next time that Guy opens up his collection for a free public viewing, motivate to check it out! While the motorcycles are functional racers, they are also important pieces of history and without a doubt beautiful works of art!

As an extra special treat, Webster’s neighbor M. Taggart usually opens up his car collection for viewing during these events. Coopers? Yup! A real D-Type Jag? Yup! 400hp bug eye Sprite? Awesome! Beautiful stuff, great guy!

Click here to view the slideshow “real size”. Sorry they are just taken with an iPhone!