VNC Board of Officers to Meet This Evening! (1-21-14)


The Venice Neighborhood Council Board of Officers will meet this evening at the Westminster Elementary School Auditorium starting at 7pm. Councilman Bonin will be in attendance.

VNC 500

The meeting agenda will include:

4. Approval of Outstanding Board minutes (7:15PM – 5 minutes)

5. Declaration of Ex Parte Communications (7:20PM — 3 Minutes) Members shall declare any ex parte communications relating to items on the meeting’s agenda.

6. President’s Report (7:23PM — 7 minutes) (Linda Lucks [email protected])

1. Report on California Public Records Act Requests/Grievances.

2. Report on letter sent to Councilman Bonin Re: VNC recommendations on locations of winter storage program.

4. Report on receipt of the petition for a moratorium on small lot subdivisions in Venice.

7. Public Safety – LAPD Report (7:30 — 10 minutes): Senior Lead Officers Peggy Thusing ([email protected]), Kristan Delatori ([email protected]) ,Gregg Jacobus, [email protected] Lt. Steve Lurie, OFW Beach Detail Supervisor. Includes a monthly Venice crime report and updates on law enforcement issues/deployment changes in Venice.

– Introduction of 2014-15 Community Improvement Project Applications (10 minutes) (Ivan
Spiegel [email protected])

– The 2014-15 CIP applications are now available. The maximum amount per project will be $3000.
Presentation by Tom Donovan, West LA Area Planning Commission (45 minutes) (Ivan Spiegel [email protected])

– Tom Donovan, West LA Area Planning Commission will speak to the VNC about how to be more effective at the Area Planning Commission (APC) and some thoughts about working with the ABC on liquor license conditions. Includes Q & A

– VNC Monthly Committee Report: LUPC (5 minutes)

– Pedestrian Issues, Projects, People St. (LADOT) (5 minutes) Anne Zimmerman

– Presentation of potential strategies and options for improving the pedestrian experience in Venice. This is a new project of LADOT, and is about to go live to facilitate parklets, plazas and bike corrals.

– SB1818 Low Income Housing Inventory (5 minutes) (Marc Saltzberg on behalf of WRAC) The Venice Neighborhood Council requests the City Controller, The Department Of Housing, and the City Council to inventory all income restricted units built under SB 1818 and all Rent Stabilization Ordinance units and buildings that replace pre 1978 buildings.