Weekend Burglaries Prompt LAPD – Pacifc Alert


The LAPD Pacific Division has issued advisory after there were four burglaries in the LAPD Pacific Division over the weekend. One of the burglaries was in the Venice Area, in the 1900 block of Canal.


From LAPD- Pacific via Nixle:

4 burglaries in Pacific Division exemplify the need to “Harden Your Target.”

From Friday 11/22/2013, to Sunday 11/24/2013, there were four burglaries in Pacific Division which exemplify the need to “Harden Your Target.”

The target is your home, your property, and your valuables, the things you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Burglaries tend to increase during the holiday season, so don’t let your guard down now.


1. Nov. 22, 11:50am on the 7200 block of 78th St. 2 suspects rang the victim’s doorbell. Believing the suspects were salesman the victim answered the door. The 2 suspects produced handguns and forced their way into the home stealing property. Suspects left in a black compact vehicle. (Crime is actually Home Invasion Robbery).

2. Nov. 23, 5:50am on the 1900 block of Canal St. The victim had lost keys a few days before. The victim awoke and observed suspect in home. Suspect fled with stolen property when confronted by victim.

3. Nov. 23, 7:00am on the 5700 block of Crescent Park East. Victim left condo and closed rear door but did not lock it. Upon return victim discovered high value property and electronics missing.

4. Nov. 24, 3:00am on the 3200 block of Maplewood Ave. Suspect entered home by entering small, unsecured, bathroom window. Suspect was searching home when victims from upstairs confronted the suspect. The suspect fled the location.

What can you do to protect your home, property, and family?

1. Get an alarm! A loud one!–These systems are not nearly as expensive as before. Many are wireless and can alert you of a triggered alarm by cell phone.

2. Install cameras– surveillance helps police to identify suspects, get your property back, and deter criminals from targeting your home.

3. LOCK ALL YOUR DOORS and WINDOWS!!–this is the simplest to do, and the cheapest. At night if your not sleeping in the room lock everything.

4. Don’t open your door to strangers– If you don’t know who is at your door don’t open it. If it is someone you don’t know, let them know your home by telling them you don’t want what they are selling, but don’t open your door. Be mindful a burglar might try to distract you while another goes through the back.

5. Don’t advertise that you will be gone for the holidays. Make your house appear like you are home. Use timers to turn on and off your lights, TV, or stereo. Advise your neighbors of your plans and give them a good contact number in case of emergencies.
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