Venetian Competes in ‘The Compassion and Technology Contest’


Have a Facebook account and want to help out fellow Venetian Jamie P. as she competes in the Stanford University / Dalai Lama Foundation’s “The Compassion and Technology Contest”? Click here to vote for her “Stop, Breathe & Think Compassion App” (it was on page 6 when I voted). Jamie’s team really needs our votes today before the contest ends!

The Compassion and Technology Contest “is a call for innovators, engineers and designers to present a technology design or product that will help people learn, practice, and/or improve one or more of the following qualities: compassion, empathy, social connectedness and altruism”.

From Jamie and the “Stop, Breathe & Think Compassion App” team:

Stop, Breathe & Think is a simple, fun and free mindfulness and compassion building tool for teens. With the SB&T app, students learn to slow down, manage their stress and emotions, and approach everyday situations from the perspective of kindness and compassion. The app may be accessed via the web, smartphone, and in mindfulness zones on our partner-school campuses, is easily integrated into classrooms and extracurricular activities, and is in the form that teens like to use – technology that has become deeply embedded into their daily routine. By becoming kind towards oneself and aware of personal thoughts and emotions, students learn to be aware and tolerant of others, and interact with the communities they inhabit from a perspective of understanding and with a sense of being positively connected.



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