Preview: ‘One Day In VeNICE’


The first trailer for director Chance Foreman’s “One Day In VeNICE” has been released.

The project is “a video collaboration designed to explore our diversity and celebrate our similarities and differences as a community. On Abbot Kinney’s birthday, November 16th, the community of Venice CA came together to take part in this experiment. We asked to film what you love most about living in and being a part of this community. Each person was given a 24-hour period to capture THEIR Venice in whatever way that most represented their life”.

Participants in the project include Nico Las Luciani, Jules Muck, Robin York, Malte Hagemeister, Max Dean, Cameron Leon, Mike Shible, Lance Moseley, Naira Arutyunyan, Rei Yoshioka, Whitney Lauritsen, Chance Foreman, Andrew Keegan, John Nash, Ryland engelhart, Eduardo Manilla, Douglas Eisenstar, Mike Hayden, Paul Chesne, Joe Sumner, Boise Thomas, Douglas Eisenstark, Grant Gottfurcht, Blake Heafner, Henry Pope and Vanessa Francesca Rodriguez.