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Main Street ‘Endless Summer’ Soulstice Party This Weekend!

Main Street in Santa Monica will celebrate the 13th anniversary of their Summer Soulstice Block Party this Sunday, August 25th! The festivities begin with sidewalk sales on Saturday, the awesome block party will happen on Sunday when the bands start playing at 1pm!

Stop by hip’tique at 2727 Main on either day to support Venice resident Christine B’s store! Sale items will be an extra 30% off, making many items 80% off! Great store, great Venice owner!


The complete listing of entertainment and participating stores (as of August 23rd) is after “the jump”!

Edgemar Stage (Edgemar Courtyard, 2443 Main)

2pm: Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan Tribute)

4:30pm: Dr. Wu (Steely Dan Tribute)

Areal Stage (bank parking lot between Ashland & Hill, east side)

1pm: Chainsaw Brothers (jump-scat blues acoustic trio)

2pm: Moose (Moose is a band of elementary and middle-schoolers who have been playing around LA for the past 3 years. They play a mix of classic rock, funk and reggae. Their set includes originals and covers by legendary bands like Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, and Bob Marley.)

3pm: Turn The Page (Bob Seger Tribute)

5pm: The Rising (Springsteen Tribute)

Enterprise Fish Co. Stage (Kinney, between Ashland & Pier Ave., west side)

1pm: Southbound (Allman Brothers Tribute)

3pm: Petty Theft (Tom Petty Tribute)

5pm: Neil Deal (Neil Young Tribute)

220 Fitness Stage (Pier Ave., west side)

1pm: Matt Kabus

1:30pm: The WOW (Rapper KO The Legend and producer Balthazar Getty)

2:10pm: Dance Hall Pimp (swampy rockin’ genre-bending with some Cramps and Preservation Hal in the mix)

2:30pm: Jim & Sam

3pm: Nocona (Americana country punk act with blues roots and a psychedelic Mexicali twist)

4pm: Michelle Delamor (former American Idol! Blends soul, pop and rock)

5pm: Dig The Kid (multi-instrumental band)

6:15pm: Mind The Gap (dance rock from a Sri Kankan, a Mexican, a Korean, and a guy from Cleveland)

Sidewalk Sale: Saturday and Sunday Aug. 24 and 25, 11am – 7pm

Pedal Or Not, 214 Pier Ave. (Just off Main)

Buffalo Exchange, 2449 Main, participating both days as well as giving out free buffalo exchange promotional goodies (summer zines, fans, stickers & tattoos!). We’ll also have free goodies/treats! And inside we’ll be giving a free buffalo exchange bolsa tote to customers who spend over $75!!!

Yogaworks, 2215 Main

Mindfulnest, 2711 Main, (including two of their jewelers: Solstice LTD and Despina Espie Loukaris Buoncristiani. We will also have Lynnette Rozine Prock from My Dreams Matter here doing henna tattoos!

Bumble Bee, 2651 Main, participating both days and will have 50 % off on selected items and 10-30% off on jewelry.

ZJ Boardinghouse, 2619 Main, participating and with clothing outside and some discounts inside.

gioia, 2721 Main

Essentia, 2430 Main

Uroborus, 2407 Main

Paint:Lab, 2912 Main

Bike Attack, 2400 Main

Betsy & Tracy, 2929 Main

formatt4U, 2665 Main: Up to 70% off Store wide, furniture, chandeliers, area rugs, Art and Accessories.

Trendy Sunglasses, 2716 Main

Max Studio, 2712 Main

American Apparel, 2654 Main, participating both days with a rummage sale outside and some additional discounts inside.

Berry Lee Shoes, 2525 Main

Jadis, 2701 Main (on Sunday)

Agabhumi, 2665 Main

Varga, 2714 Main

IZIP, 2803 Main, will be displaying our full line of electric/hybrid bicycles as well as offering coupons for a free 1 hour rental. We will also have some cycling accessories on sale as well as some cycling related clothing on sale.

Vital Hemp, 2305 Main, “participating both days with sales on hemp clothing, samples of roasted and organic raw hemp seeds, and groovy music for your soul.”

Directions & Parking Tips from the organizers:

Main Street Santa Monica, on the west side, south of Pico, north of the Venice border can be accessed conveniently by east-west streets Pico, Ocean Park Blvd., and Rose Ave. (in Venice) and north-south by Nielson/Ocean, 4th St., and Lincoln Blvd. If arriving by the 10, take the 4th St. exit, turn south (left) onto 4th, then turn right on Pico and left on Main. If coming north on Lincoln, turn left on Rose and right on Main Street.

Best parking if you plan to spend all day (music is from 1pm – 7pm) is at the beach, in either the southernmost beach lot in Santa Monica or the one just north of it.

For the southernmost lot, from wherever you’re coming, take Ocean Park Blvd. west (cross Main or turn left or right from Main) and when you see the ocean and the road ends in a T, take a left, then a right into the parking lot. You’re a block away from Main.

For the one north of that one, you can follow those directions above but take a right at the T then a left into the lot a little further up, or you can come west on Pico and instead of turning left on Main take the angled left onto Barnard Way, then turn right into the long-term lots (short term if you’re looking for only 2 hours of parking). You’re a block away from Main.

There is also lot parking (public and private) on Main, and street parking, but the City instituted smart meters with restrictions on how long a vehicle can be parked, so that only work if you’re planning to spend just three hours (street parking) or four hours (public lot parking).

We do not encourage parking in the neighborhoods.

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