Altered Space Gallery to Host Last Exhibition


The Altered Space Gallery at 1221 Abbot Kinney will host an opening reception featuring new works by artists Lillian Abel, Susan Feldman and Karrie Ross on Sunday, May 26th from 3-6pm.

Altered Space Gallery: Lillian Abel, Susan Feldman and Karrie Ross

The Gallery will close on June 30th after 7 years in business on Abbot Kinney. Rent increases are to blame for the closure of the space and Gallery relocation.

From Altered Space:

Each of these Los Angeles-based artists create works which investigate the dynamics of layering, in wildly unique ways, often times with transcendental or meditative concerns.

Lillian Abel paints in waves of color, resulting in compositions which inhabit a space not quite landscape nor abstracted color field, but somewhere in-between.

Susan Feldman constructs “ladders” of reclaimed wood, yarn, and jute. These climbing tools serve to lift and transcend, if ever so delicately bound to their earthly constraints.

Karrie Ross is a prolific painter immersed in the continuous application of energy, revealing a divine sense of order & purpose, amidst seemingly chaotic components.

Altered Space Gallery presents Lillian Abel, Susan Feldman and Karrie Ross
Opening reception: Sunday May 26, 3pm – 6pm
1221 Abbot Kinney
Venice, 90291