Liz Craft’s “Weed Couch” Now Installed at Google


Venetian artist Liz Craft’s “Weed Couch”, which was recently exhibited as part of the Hammer Museum’s “Venice Beach Biennial“, has been loaned by the artist to Google and now resides at Google’s Venice Campus at 340 Main Street.

Liz Craft's 'Weed Couch'

“Weed Couch” was made possible by a grant from the LA Arts Development Fee Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

From the plaque on the wall next to the couch:

“Weed Couch (2008/2012) mixes high and low culture: the ubiquitous worn-out couch left on the curb is decorated with raised weed patterns inspired by medieval tomb sculptures that the artist saw in France. This particular couch has a free-form relief based on weeds that Craft spotted around Los Angeles. The incongruity of making a commonplace piece of discarded furniture the subject of high art mimics the dissonance evoked by the displacement of indoor furniture to the outdoors. Moreover, the dense plant designs – sculpted to better articulate the pattern – convey the impression that the object is becoming one with the landscape. Weed Couch also provides a place for passerby to stop and rest.”