Venice Beach: Lock it or Lose it!


From JL:

Hello!! I want Venetians to be aware of the mischief happening on the 700 block of Milwood last night around 3-4am.

Milwood 90291

There was security set up on the street for a commercial shoot early this morning, making sure no one parked on one side of the road.

They told me this morning that at around 3-4am, 4 males walked up and down each side of the street trying to open every car door. The street/parking security said he turned on his lights, hoping that they would see someone watching and stop, but they keep on. Hit up every car. Luckily mine was locked. Everyone needs to keep car doors LOCKED!!!! The street is VERY dark and makes a great opportunity for burglaries.

Trying to protect the hood!! Thank you!!!