Mellow Gets Harshed at Washington Dispensary


From KTLA News:

An attempted robbery at a Marina Del Rey pot dispensary turned into a brawl on Sunday evening.

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A disgruntled ex-employee apparently got into a confrontation with a current employee around 6 p.m. as he tried to get paid for past work at the Venezia Discount Collective on 3018 Washington Boulevard.

Three of the ex-employee’s friends then allegedly went inside the store and started to steal merchandise, authorities said. That sparked a fight in which the store owner, a man named Jackie who apparently has a background in martial arts, took on the ex-employee and his friends.

One suspect was knocked unconscious after a blow to the head.

A video showed Jackie exiting the store with his shirt torn.

Video also showed pot scattered all over the ground outside the shop.

One suspect was in custody on Sunday night.