Cell Phone Tower Protest on Washington


From the Triangle Update (click here to subscribe to the email newsletter):

There will be a protest of the proposed cell tower installation at 737 Washington Boulevard (Best Western Hotel) this Saturday starting at 10 am.


“The main purpose of this protest is to try (again) to impress upon the hotel our deep opposition to this project,” said Maria Shen of Marr.

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will act on a one-year cell tower moratorium motion proposed by the VNC Land Use and Planning Committee Tuesday (12 June).

Several people have protested the approval by city, and the appeal will be heard 20 June, 4:30 pm at the Henry Medina building, 11214 West Exposition Blvd., 90064. The group appealing this would like to have people appear and would like to have protest letters submitted. Just write a short note stating why you don’t want the tower in your community and email such to [email protected] There is also a fund for the appeal and legal assistance one can donate to. The fees of $4000 are being split by three people right now. If you are interested in helping, contact Agnes Huff at [email protected]