OG Silicon Beach = The Funk Phenomena


From the “Hey Yo! Venice!, help me waste 8 minutes of my day at work watching roller boogie!” department (via Christopher):

The premise is this: When a person loads a new program into a computer, during installation, he/she sees animations, like a progress bar and pictures and text.

If you think about it, you don’t really need to see this. This is just to keep you entertained while the program is loading. Still, back then I was fascintated with computers, so when I’d see this, I got some impression that the computer’s personal environment was being altered. So I thought it would be interesting to explore what would happen if I were to install a computer program, and my actual environment was being altered.

The song was remixed by myself using “The Funk Phenomena” by Armand Van Helden and, just about every James Brown song I’ve got.