Beware of Motorcycle Thieves Using Towtruck!


From Karen:

My motorcycle got stolen on Wednesday from my apartment’s parking lot at Brooks and Pacific and I’d like to share the information with the Yo Venice community. The theft looked totally legit, happened in broad daylight, and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

Stolen Motorcycle Venice Beach

An official-looking tow truck backed into our parking lot on Park Ct. in the middle of the afternoon and took about 20 minutes to load the (locked) bike onto the back. A neighbor actually saw the tow truck crew taking the bike but had absolutely no reason to be suspicious.

Motorcycle owners be on the lookout! Cover your bike and ask your neighbors to write down the license plate number of any tow truck they see towing your bike! In addition, ensure that your bike insurance covers theft.

LAPD is investigating the incident, and there is security camera footage of the tow truck!