Venice Spring Fling: May 12th, 2012


The 2nd annual “Venice Spring Fling” will return to Venice Beach this year on May 12th. The “free day of music in the park” will feature Barry “The Fish” Melton of Country Joe and the Fish as well as Tracii Guns, Michael Jost, Corty Byron, LOONER, Marc Blackbird, Braw, Fly n Lion, Stephanie Lallouz and The Divine Crime.

Venice Spring Fling

The concert will be Barry “The Fish” Melton’s first show at Venice Beach in over 40 years. Says Melton: “Venice! I remember going there as a kid to see the King of the Beat Generation, “Big Daddy” Nord. Venice was a the center of the counterculture in the late 50’s and early 60’s, and it has maintained a continuing counterculture tradition over all the years of my lifetime. I am delighted to be playing the Spring Fling!”

If enough local sponsors chip in, there is also a very special guitarist (from THE quintessential Venice 60’s rock band) that has agreed to perform. Contact the Spring Fling for details and to help sponsor the event!

Venice Spring Fling