Venice Canals Holiday Parade Winners!


The Venice Canals Association has released the results for the Holiday Boat Parade and Home & Bridge Decorating contests!

Click here to view the slide show “real size”, or here to see them individually!

1. “SS Enterprise” – Liz and Tim Prokop, Stephen Kruger “Mother Nature’s Sons” Linda Metzer, Maryann Marino, Kim Tellma
2. “Gorilla” – Steve Gatto
3. “Holiday Cheer” – Emmit Berg
4. “Let it Spin” – Ed Orrett, Laura Snoke
5. “Ducks Occupy the Venice Canals” – Kent Hayward, Elizabeth Hurchalla, James Arnall

1. “Peace Bridge” – Susan Edge, James Robinson, Ken Fritz

2. “Snow Flake” – Renee Kaplan, Nadine Parkos
3. “Lampost” – Barbara Matej “
4. “VOC” – Darryl Dufay
5. “ Star” – Catherine Hanes, Whitney Sander, Henry Hobson

1. 241 Linnie Canal – John and Sarah Schacht
2. 422 Carroll Canal – Robert Davenport
3. 425 Linnie Canal – Bert and Helen Fallon, Robert Sharoff
4. 219 Linnie Canal – Mary Territo
5. 441 Sherman Canal – Dave and Tony Mannix

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The VCA is grateful to the following businesses for donating prizes: 26 Beach, Baja Cantina, C&O Trattoria & Cucina, Café del Rey, Canal Club, Canali Café, Cheesecake Factory, Danny’s, Gjelina, Islands, James Beach, Joni’s, Le Cellier, Lily’s French Café & Bar, Pasta Factory, Shanghai Red’s, The Terrace Café, Tony P’s Dockside Grill and Wabi Sabi Sushi Bar.