Venice High Homecoming Queens and Band Members Sought!


Venice High alumni, this Friday is your day!

Venice High School Homecoming

If you were (or are in contact with) one of the past ninety-nine Venice High School Homecoming Queens and are planning on attending the 100th Homecoming Celebration on November 4th, please contact the Alumni Association so they can have you be part of the festivities!

Also, ALL alumni band members are invited and encouraged to play at the 100th Homecoming Game! (Non-alum residents are welcome to play but should attend rehearsals if they are not great sight readers! Break out the horns and drums!) If you have not heard, the music department took a huge hit – Venice High dropped it’s band class and also cut it’s only full-time music position on campus to part-time. These days the band is comprised of 13 volunteer students that get no credit for playing, they just love doing so!

Each of these kids dreams of playing in a Mighty Gondolier Marching Band that is as big as the one — from 1987 — whose picture still hangs on the band room wall (that year the marching traveled to Hawaii for a competition). Help make their dream a reality: JOIN THE BAND AT THIS YEAR’S HOMECOMING GAME ON NOVEMBER 4th.

NOTE: They are especially in need of low brass instruments.

All rehearsals are at 3:15 PM in the band room
10/28 (Friday)
10/31 (Monday)
11/2 (Wednesday)

Any rehearsals that you can attend would be great — It would be great for the students to be practice with and have the opportunity to interact with alumni musicians — but attendance isn’t mandatory to play at the game.


* Mighty Gondoliers
* Alma Mater
* Another One Bites the Dust
* Louie, Louie

A few years ago there were only a handful of musicians in the band. Two years ago they had ten, last year eleven and now there are at thirteen. For the last two years, the former band teacher refused to play the fight song or Alma Mater.
This current, all-volunteer band is made up of mostly freshmen who just recently began playing instruments as part of an after school program at the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. Along with Ms. Kornbeck, who is really a choral teacher, THESE FOURTEEN PEOPLE ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO KEEP VENICE MUSICAL TRADITIONS ALIVE.

If you can’t play an instrument but are going to the Homecoming Game, let the band know how grateful we are for their efforts.

For more information about playing in the band for the 100th Homecoming Game:

Call Ms. Kornbeck – (714) 475-4268 or Email the VHSAA.