Letter from a Holiday Victim


From a reader in Australia:

To Whom It May Concern,

I’d like to express my anger at the lowlife which broke into our rental vehicle, during broad daylight between 10am & 12 midday on the morning of Thursday October 6, whilst parked on Riviera Ave, between Venice Way & Mildred Ave.

Venice Way

You proceeded to empty our trunk of its meagre contents, & broke the hearts of my 3 kids in the process. The image you have imprinted on their minds of a once in a lifetime trip to the USA is one of sheer pity & disgust towards you pathetic individuals who also removed their security teddy bears, soft toys they had cherished since childbirth, & about 10 years old. You took the GPS case & base, & were obviously too stupid to see the actual GPS was not there, you moron.

The unopened Lego & new books would be of no use to you, as you are probably illiterate, & your low IQ would render your meaningless minds useless to the challenge of constructing the Lego.

Wear the new clothes you found with pride, as you probably have no other achievement in life to be proud of.

I will claim insurance on the material things removed, but it’s the sentimental things that no price can be placed on, that you so recklessly stole with no conscience, you thief. You dog!

Karma will catch up with you. My image is of you filled with lead, or overdosing on s*$t, and you will not be missed. Venice Beach would be a better place without your type.

My family & I will move on, but you can only slither the streets as the gutless coward you are, a fine product of America, land of the free.

This event now will only generate negative feedback amongst my peers planning to visit your area, so the damage done is also to your community, loser.

All credit to LAPD Pacific Division for their constant battle against scum like you.


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