Power & Control: LSD in The Sixties at 7 Dudley


7 Dudley Cinema will present a free screening of Power & Control: LSD in The Sixties at Beyond Baroque starting at 7pm on October the 6th.

From 7 Dudley:

Seminal gonzo documentarian Aron Ranen (in person) presents his peripatetic journey to uncover the secret history of psychedelics. From legitimate experiments conducted at the Harvard Divinity School to the bizarre plans to dose unknowing Johns in a CIA run brothel. LSD was made illegal in 1966 right at of the height of the Anti-War and Counter-Culture Movements. Ranen takes the journey to find out why.

The film includes his new Interviews with Ram Dass & Paul Krassner.

Two other shorts will be screened:

BLACK HAIR (2006, 30m) African American Women purchase roughly 80% of the wigs and extensions bought here in America, yet own practically no piece of this business. Ranen’s investigative documentary looks into the Korean monopolization of the African American Beauty Supply Business and what some Black Americans are doing to take it back.

SEMANTIC WARRIOR (2011, 10m) Sneak preview of Ranen’s new compelling documentary on the life and times of attorney Tony Serra, pot smoking social justice warrior. He was portrayed by James Woods in the Hollywood movie True Believer.

7pm: LIVE Interview with Ranen by Gerry Fialka.

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd
Venice CA 90291