YOU Won the AK Festival “Spirit of Venice” Award!


Congratulations to all of you that contribute here on Yo! Venice! and make the website what it is! We have won the Abbot Kinney Festival’s Spirit of Venice Award!

Since 1984, the Abbot Kinney Festival Association (AKFA) has recognized exemplary residents and stakeholders nominated by the community for their contributions to the spirit, creativity, and uniqueness of Venice.


The 2011 Spirit of Venice Awards winners are:

David King, Garden Master of Venice High School Learning Garden and Founder & Chair of the Seed Library of L.A.

The Venice Art Crawl, (accepted by co-founders Daniel Samakow, Edizen Stowell, and Mark Rojas)

Yo! Venice!

Teresa Skinner, Sr. Lead Officer at Los Angeles Police Department

Click here to download your award! Fill in your name under Yo! Venice!, print it up, frame it and hang it in your office! Thanks for your contributions to the spirit, creativity, and uniqueness of Venice here at Yo! Venice!

While I think it is rather misguided that some of the “critics” of this website are taking the festival organizers to serious task over this award, if you would like to join in and boycott Yo! Venice! receiving this award, the Spirit of Venice people will be meeting up at the Free Venice Beachhead booth at 3 pm to protest when it is given at the Andalusia stage at  3:30 pm. They advise you to bring signs if possible, but they will have some for those of you that can’t get it together to make you own.