Pacific Ocean Park + Nancy Sinatra = 1967


Dig Nancy Sinatra’s version of “Who Will Buy”, filmed for her TV special “Movin’ With Nancy” at Pacific Ocean Park (POP) in 1967.

From wikipedia:

The TV special was unlike most musical programs of its time, with the numbers performed outdoors on locations instead of the usual stage-bound production filmed before a live audience. Sinatra sang while driving down the highway, strolling in the California countryside, and aloft in a hot-air balloon.

She performed duets with the guest stars she encountered along the way, with no introductions or interstitial dialog. The general effect was of a dream-like fantasy that flows from one location to the next, with segments resembling the later format of music videos.

The program included an on-screen interracial kiss, predating the first scripted interracial kiss on U.S. television by several months (in an episode of Star Trek). It took place at the end of a song-and-dance number by Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., with him kissing her affectionately on the cheek. Sinatra states in the commentary track on the DVD release that the seemingly spontaneous kiss was carefully planned, and deliberately done at the end of filming, when Davis had to leave for another job and could not shoot a retake.