Road Closures for Tomorrow’s Guinness World Record Parade!


A representative from the Los Angeles Police Commission issued the following street closure and parking restriction information for the Venice High School Centennial Parade (Guinness World Record™ “Largest Skateboarding Parade”) celebration which takes place on Sunday in Venice.

Map of Parade

The parade, being held tomorrow from 10am-1pm, will require crews to close Venice Boulevard for the entire morning. The following is a list of affected streets and where you might find parking restrictions in place:

Venice Boulevard (south side only) from Pacific Avenue to Beethoven Street.

Even though the parade starts at 10am, parking restrictions go into effect four hours earlier at 6am. Vehicle owners who do not remove their cars at this time run the risk of receiving a citation and/or being towed. Again, parking enforcement along Venice Blvd runs from 6am-1pm on the day of the event.

There will also be a large number of people traveling to and from Venice on this morning. These people may want to consider a variety of alternate routes since Venice is expected to experience an unusual amount of traffic on Sunday. Washington Boulevard and Rose Avenue to Palms Blvd are two possible alternate east-west routes as well as those farther north and south of Venice Blvd. Another helpful tip: Leave your house at least 15-30 min so you can arrive as close to on-time as possible.