Info Wanted from Robbery Victims!


Advisory Message has been issued by the LAPD – Pacific. Wednesday May 25, 2011 1:44 PM PDT


Street Robbery Series – In custody notification

Between April and May 2011, there were a series of street robberies committed in Pacific, West LA and Santa Monica. On 5/18/11 Pacific Detectives made a multi-3 arrest the suspects. With the efforts of West LA and Santa Monica Detectives, Pacific Division was able to identify the suspects which resulted in the arrests. One of the suspects admitted to multiple robberies in Southwest and 77th Division. If you have further information please contact Pacific Detectives.

Vehicle used: 99 VW Beetle, 2Dr, Lic 4GMR035-CA, Damage to the passenger side.

Property Taken: I-phones, cellphones, purse and cash.