Tony Vera Video: Crazy Sunday in Venice!


Here is the latest video from Venice documentarian Tony Vera. Best part: a girl puts her car on the beach and plays bongos while looking for love! Yo! Venice! A must see video from Tony!

This episode includes a birds eye view of a crammed Ocean Front Walk (:40), noise issues on the boardwalk (:53), crusty punks (1:45), an interview with TV Newswoman Bree Walker about violence in Venice and local news (6:31), a visit to the drum circle (8:07), bikini babes getting some LAPD attention (8:23), Harry Perry jamming for LAPD brass and getting some love from all (10:42), a whole lotta LAPD walking on the bike path (12:02), drum circle shut down (14:15), a guy in cuffs that is psyched to have Tony recording his arrest (17:30), a guy getting carted off that claims it was for “not signing a ticket” (19:33), LAPD getting interviewed by local news (20:00), a Veteran getting interviewed about the drum circle, peace and love (24:40) …

and as always .. the best for last … after getting heads up from Tony B, Tony V. had to motivate back to the beach all by his lonesome for …

A surfer girl (26:24) whose need for the sea was so strong … she drove down the bike path … parked her car on the beach … grabbed her bongo drum (28:17) and hit the beach. Tony gets a little bit of an interview with her at (29:15) in which she says driving her car onto the sand was “my art, my heart”. When asked of her plans for the evening, the woman says “fall in love”, but the LAPD had different plans for her (29:59) and took her to the pokey .. towing her love ride away (31:30).

As always, a big thanks from the Venice Community to Tony Vera! 10 am to 10 pm!