Do You Know This House? Important Video!


This video was allegedly taken by Alex Eljabiri, who was arrested on April 20th by the LAPD as the suspect in a home burglary that took place on 28th Street. Eljabiri allegedly used an iPod touch taken from the 28th Street home to record this footage, which was then recovered when he was arrested.

Is this the interior of your home? If so, Ejabiri has apparently been in it. Contact the LAPD at 310-482-6343 or 310-482-6334 as soon as possible.

Home in Venice ?

Do you recognize the interior of this home? Contact the LAPD as soon as possible. Are any of the belongings seen in this video yours? Contact the LAPD as soon as possible.

Alex Ejabiri ?
Alleged Venice home burglary suspect Alex Eljabiri



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