Video: Inside Kush after the Pot Raid of 4-20


Thanks to Tony Vera and Sean Kush, we have video of what the Kush Hash Bar and offices looked like after the LA-IMPACT (not the LAPD) raid on Ocean Front Walk that happened yesterday.

You can forward directly to Tony’s interview with Sean by going to 19:19, and 26:42 for the walk through of Kush after the raid.

Takeaways from the video:

1. They did not arrest anyone, but they seized a lot of weed and froze bank accounts.
2. LA-IMPACT (not the LAPD) apparently doesn’t know what hash looks like.
3. Despite the fact it seems LA-IMPACT (not the LAPD) unnecessarily trashed his place of business while doing the raid, Sean Kush and the LA-IMPACT people seemed to have a very professional rapport at the end. Kudos to both sides for that.
4. While some people in the community have made allegations that the Kush operations may be selling other drugs besides marijuana, I think the fact that no one was arrested should put those rumors to rest. Had there been any other drug on the premises (even in small personal quantities) Sean would have been in jail, not shaking hands with the officers at the end.

Takeaways from comments in other threads about the Kush stores:

1. Most Venetians don’t have much of a problem with medicinal marijuana, but they are upset with the aggressive marketing of the dispensaries on Ocean Front Walk. I would suggest that when the dispensaries re-open they all tone down the “direct marketing” approach that has been getting increasingly more “direct” on Ocean Front Walk.

2. Dispensary owners: since neighbors are the ones that will be calling the LAPD and complaining about your business, I’d think it forward thinking of any dispensary owner to try and “weed out” some of the patients that are buying large quantities as some of them may be turning around and illegally selling the marijuana on the boardwalk. Yes, that means the crusty-punks.



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