Bicycle Theft Warning!


There are way too many bicycle thefts in Venice. Here is yet another tip to thwart bicycle thieves! See the orange arrow in the picture below? It is pointing at the bolt that holds a street sign to the street. If that bolt is not firmly in place, don’t lock your bicycle to that post! Thieves cut the bolts ahead of time and then just lift the pole out and take the bikes!

Bicycle Theft Venice Beach

Since the weather is good and people are out on bikes, in order to help aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles and also possibly help catch the thieves, Urban Escape and ELVINO on Abbot Kinney have generously offered to keep a Dremel engraving tool at their stores so that residents can etch their drivers license or phone number into the bottom of their bicycle frame. Remember to write down the serial number of the bicycle too! If you don’t have your bicycle serial number, odds are it may never come back to you if stolen!



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