VNC Member Ivonne Guzman Gives Community “Outreach” New Meaning!


From Venice 311:

On Sunday night, Venice Neighborhood Council Member Ivonne Guzman was arrested for battery against a member of Venice 311 on Ocean Front Walk.

Warning: There is R-Rated language in this video, alleged to be Guzman speaking with Alex of 311. Hopefully the full version of the video is released.

During her initial approach to the victim, Guzman physically grabbed and shook her asking, “Why did you rat me out for kidnapping to the police you snitch!” She then stole the victims cell phone, riding around her on her bike asking and taunting her stating “How are you going to call the police now, Bitch?” Guzman then physically assaulted the victim two more times, during which the victim was able to recover her cell phone after a tremendous struggle where Guzman tried to keep the phone from her and push her to the ground.

Ms. Guzman was taken into custody for the assault based on her conflicting statements, seemingly made under the influence of alcohol.

Anyone witness what happened last night? Call the LAPD and let them know what you saw!