The Flower Truck


Maybe the new trend in mobile trucks is not food? Meet The Flower Truck that was on Abbot Kinney about an hour ago in it’s inaugural visit to Venice.

The Flower Truck 2

The Flower Truck sells “flowers and ‘to go’ vases for a spur of the moment gift or a pick me up for yourself. Prices range from $2 to $40, average for something cool is $12” Click here to check their Twitter feed on where they will be next!

The Flower Truck

From The Flower Truck:

Mobile Flower Shop, who woulda thought…..I WOULD!!!!

I have wanted to do my own thing since my early twenties, and had many good ideas if I say so myself!

My dear friend Analia gave me this little plastic collapseable reuseable vase. I kept looking at it and loving it and thinking about what it was inspiring in me. I thought, “flowers, happy, right now, easy, convenient, to go!! This little vase inspired the entire idea of a mobile flower shop. I pictured it for months. I talked about it to trusted friends, who all loved the idea. I pictured the truck. I wrote out the concept and created a business plan. Then nothing.

One day, three months later, I happenned upon this old rickety ice cream truck….that was it. I found her!!!

I bought the truck, designed the graphics with me BFF Shan, who is a very talented artist, and off we went. My vision began taking shape. 3 more months and I am sitting on Main Street in Santa Monica, where I have called my ‘hood for a looooong time (shhh), with a beautiful truck filled with fresh flowers and feeling the rush of finally living my dream of calling something my own.

And they came. The people came and they loved it!!! They stopped, took pictures, and they told me that my idea was an awesome one. They bought arrangements that we made together. They smiled and everyone was happy forever and ever……The Beginning