LA Parks: Corporate Sponsorship of Venice Beach


KCET’s SoCal Connected has a great piece up called “Show Me the Money” which examines how city lobbyists and lawyers are pushing for advertising by major corporate sponsors in city parks, including Venice Beach. One of the most attractive ad spaces in the entire City of LA is the Venice Skatepark and surrounding park space.

Venice Skate Park

Click here to see the Venice Beach Ad Zones and here for the LA Parks Foundation animated map of possible park ad space in Venice Beach. KCET has also released documents obtained during their report, which can be seen here.

Click “play” on the video below to watch KCET’s report:
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From Ban Billboard Blight:

The marketing brochures for Venice Beach also calls the sponsorship opportunities “A unique way to educate audience (sic) about the history of Venice Beach.” This “education” isn’t further explained, but included is a historic aerial photo of the beach with a large, modern 7-Up logo superimposed upon it.

Venice Skate Park

Before such ads become reality, the proposal would have to be approved by the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission. However, commission president Barry Sanders is also chairman of the L.A. Parks Foundation’s board of directors, and the commission last year approved a plan to allow Warner Bros. to put images from its upcoming “Yogi Bear” movie on signs in three city parks.

Continue reading the rest of the article at Ban Billboard Blight by clicking here.



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